Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Crazies

What a crazy few days! I participated in several Christmas sales events over the last couple of days, and still managed to sneak away to see my son Eric play with his middle school band in the state capitol building on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who organized and hosted the events - Martha Cole of Mot's Dots, Kathleen Johnson for hosting the Handmade Holiday at her home, Jane Frederick who helped me at the American Statesman event (and covered so I could watch Eric play the trombone) and Laura Gibson for the wonderful Austin Flea event at the Ghost Room yesterday. Thanks to all the friends old and new who came to shop and spread the joy of Violet Crown Soap this holiday season!

Now to finish up the semester teaching at Austin Community College and make sure I enough soap for the 4-day Keep Austin Bizarre Bazaar December 18-21.

We spent the day clearing the decks around here after the flurry of soaping. Also took some time and bought our Christmas tree - just have to clear out the knitting corner so we'll have a place to put it! Found some PromiseLand eggnog at the grocery store. Bought a bunch of stuff to make cookies for our neighbors ... so much Christmas, so little time.

Watching the bowl announcements as I write this - congratulations TCU! It will be a great Fiesta Bowl. Go Horned Frogs! But of course the BIG news is the championship game - HOOK 'EM HORNS!!! National Championship, here we come!

Back to the routine tomorrow - teaching, soaping, school for Eric...but tonight enjoying a little eggnog and celebrating the Big 12 championship win. And enjoying a few quiet hours with my family.

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